Admission fee

$425 admission fee required prior or day of admission


  • State Licensed Halfway House.
  • Safe & Affordable Housing.
  • House on Bus Line.
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Case Management

ADAT Program

The Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment (ADAT) Program is a state-funded program which provides alcohol and drug abuse treatment services for DUI offenders.

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What is a halfway house?

Halfway houses, or transitional living facilities, are sober living environments dedicated to helping those who recently completed a treatment program at an inpatient facility, but still need structure and support in order to reinforce the principles recently learned. Commonly centered on the 12 Step guidelines of Alcoholics Anonymous, they highlight accountability and personal responsibility and have a solid systematic environment.

Benefits of dwelling in a sober living environment

The true benefit to dwelling in a sober living home is that it helps its clients through what may be a difficult time. Rather than leaving an inpatient program and returning directly to an old behavior, those in recovery have an opportunity to gradually re-acclimate themselves to mainstream life. A transitional living facility helps this by

To maintain our structured environment, A New Attitude Housing require regular attendance at group, individual counseling sessions and meetings according to individual plan of care. Discipline is developed and reinforced by requiring all residents to participate in the daily upkeep and functioning of the house. In addition, all residents are required to hold jobs or be actively seeking employment, or be enrolled in an approved volunteering postion.

Things to expect when living in A New Attitude Housing

The no-nonsense approach in a sober living house must be expected. The managers have responsibilities to all of our residents and they will not tolerate those who fail to adhere to the home's standards and rules. In addition, residents must also accept that a sober living house expects its residents to take personal responsibility for all of their actions, and that they will be required to continue with their aftercare program and attend all individual and group counseling sessions and meetings. Residents will also be required to contribute to the care and upkeep of the facility.